The new Shule mixtape presented by X Plastaz features some of Tanzania’s greatest emcees: P the MC, Fid Q, JCB, OCG, Rah-J, Jaymoe, Stopa Rhymecca Yokoi, Solo Thang, Macdamanify, TJ and Yuzzo. Started by Ziggy-Lah from X Plastaz (also known as the Soulplugger), the mixtape has been eagerly awaited by fans of X Plastaz and Tanzanian hip hop in general.

The Soulplugger did the beats and his verses were the starting point for each collabo. Tracks for the mixtape were recorded in Stockholm (Sweden), Arusha and Dar (Tanzania), Helsinki (Finland) and even Dublin (Ireland). While this is a collaborative effort, there’s already a follow-up being prepared which will feature all other X Plastaz emcees alongside Ziggy: Gsan, Yamat, Diney, Kamaa and Maria. Something to look out for in 2013… meanwhile, enjoy SHULE and witness the rebirth of Tanzanian hip hop.

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Shule – Tracklist
1 Shule Intro
2 Wape Salam ft P the MC
3 Wandugu Wapenzi ft Fid Q & JCB
4 Dude ft OCG & Macdamanify
5 Yeah ft Wakazi
6 Story ft JCB
7 Achana Nao
8 40 Bars
9 Ah Ah Ah
10 Darasa ft Rah-J
11 Bang bang
12 Yupi wa Kweli ft Jaymoe
13 Mtanzania Msafiri ft Stopa Rhymecca Yokoi
14 Dereva Taxi (Temper On The Side)
15 Ndoto
16 Hip Hop ft Solo Thang
17 You Gots 2 Chill ft OCG & Macdamanify
18 Nimechoka
19 No Hook
20 Stay Low Cheza Nasi ft TJ
21 Waulize ft OCG & Mack Macdamanify
22 2Na Gadhabu
23 Tape Yangu
24 Wachaga Piga Chata II
25 R.I.P.
26 Make Chara ft Yuzzo
27 Shule

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A few days before the release of the newXPZ mixtape Shule, this video made its way to the web. ‘2na Gadhabu’ (a reference to another classic X Plastaz lyric, ‘Aha‘) was shot in Stockholm (Sweden), the current home of XPZ member and producer Ziggy-Lah ‘Soulplugger’. Watch carefully and you’ll notice some familiar faces from back in the day. More videos to tracks off the mixtape are on the way.

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The March edition of Dutch primary school kids’ magazine Samsam is dedicated to X Plastaz. The colorful mag contains a photo report, interviews and background info about hip hop in Tanzania. Steve and Mary are at the center of the story because they are the two youngest group members. Attached to the magazine release was a competition in which three Dutch primary school classes each created a video for the X Plastaz track ‘Ndani ya sherehe’. The winning entry, and the short films showing the creation of the story board and the video, can be seen here.

Check out the four short films – two of which focus on X Plastaz – here.

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This sunday (27 Nov), X Plastaz will perform a short live show at Via Via in Arusha. Free entrance but be on time, show starts at 4PM (saa kumi jioni)! Catch this rare chance to see XPS in action – with Kamaa, Mary & Yamat. This week a documentary & photo shoot is being done about X Plastaz for Dutch children’s magazine SamSam and they will film during the event.

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Behind the scenes at the BET Hip Hop Awards 2009 in Atlanta: Gsan with Nicki Minaj. They had previously met while recording the BET Cypher in Brooklyn, NY.

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Today is a good day: we’re finally presenting the new song & video by X Plastaz titled ‘Africa’. The highly anticipated song features contributions by Fid Q, one of Tanzania’s most respected hip hop artists, and legendary producer/vocalist Bamba Nazar (aka Dj Threesixty).
‘Africa’ was shot in different parts of Tanzania: Unguja (Zanzibar), the island off the Tanzanian coast, and Arusha, the city where X Plastaz live.  Highlights include a scene shot around an uninhabited island off the East African coast, another part recorded inside the remote ruins of a palace built by the daughter of Zanzibar’s sultan in the 1800’s, and Arusha’s Maasai market.

‘Africa’ features X Plastaz members Kamaa aka Steve, Diney. For this song they teamed up with Fid Q, one of Tanzania’s most successful hip hop artists and a strong supporter of conscious lyrics, and Bamba Nazar, who has toured and recorded with X Plastaz since 2003. Bamba also did the beat for the X Plastaz classic ‘Nini dhambi kwa mwenye dhiki‘ and he produced the latest singles by Def Jam artist Redman (USA).

Also seen in this video are Yamat aka Merege (X Plastaz’ Maasai singer) and new X Plastaz member Maria. The track was produced by dj Threesixty (Bamba Nazar) and the video was shot and edited by J4 (Thomas Gesthuizen) for Rumba-Kali.

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X Plastaz member Ziggylah aka KZZ is working on a mixtape called ‘Shule’. Containing all beats produced by KZZ himself using the MPC and other tools, it’s promising to be an hour-plus of undiluted Swahili hip hop. Invited artists included OCG (who once was a X Plastaz member before he went solo) and JCB from Arusha.
The first single of ‘Shule’ is now out, here’s the video.

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A moving tribute to Faza Nelly (X Plastaz) and other heroes from the Tanzanian hip hop community who passed away too soon. This remix and its original version are featured on JCB’s first solo album ‘Nakala za makala’. Part of the video was shot at X Plastaz home in Arusha (you can see Steve, Maria and their younger sisters) and Faza Nelly’s grave. Salute!

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X Plastaz have just released their new music video ‘Mic moja’ on the web. Watch it here:

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‘Mic moja’, a song talking about the bare essence of hip hop music (‘all we need is a microphone, a piece of paper and a pen’) was recorded by X Plastaz member Ziggylah (aka KZZ). The video was shot in the suburbs of Stockholm, Sweden during October 2009 and is intended as a web-only video.

‘Mic Moja’ is the second music video since X Plastaz ‘comeback’ last year, when they released the ‘Furaha’ video with FidQ after a three-year hiatus caused by the death of their group member Faza Nelly. Also last year, group member Gsan participated in the BET Hip Hop Awards in the USA alongside KRS One, Wale and Nipsey Hussle.

In 2010 X Plastaz have planned further new releases including the track ‘Maasai reggae’ which fuses roots reggae music with a traditional Maasai song, and another collaboration with Dar es Salaam’s finest Fid Q and singer Bamba Nazar, who is better known as the producer of Redman’s latest track ‘Coc Back’. That video to the upcoming X Plastaz song was recorded in Arusha and Zanzibar during the island’s power cut of February 2010 and will be out before June.

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Bamba Nazar with Yamat & Steve from X Plastaz. Pic: BBC

On February 14, 2010, X Plastaz performed at Sauti za Busara in Zanzibar town, Tanzania together with Bamba Nazar and Fid Q, premiering their new song ‘Afrika’ (music video out soon!). The inclusion of Fid Q & XPS in Bamba’s show had not been announced and was a nice surprise to the 1000+ people that had gathered in the old fort on the final day of Busara which coincided with Valentine’s Day.

The performance was featured on the BBC website, see the photo. While in Zanzibar, Juma4 shot the final footage for the music video that will accompany the ‘Afrika’ single. The video is planned to drop in spring 2010.

The Busara performances were featured on the BBC website in a photo report (Feb 19), click here to see the other pics.

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